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a republican when it reelected ed brook to the united states stat in 1972 and the last time it voted for a republican in an open race was 1966. barack obama carried the state by six points. -- 26 points, excuse me, two years ago and i suspect that we may see brown get elected by three or five or six points. >> bill: what are you basing your prediction on? >> just looking at all of the polls. i'm a skill skeptical of insider advantage at 9 points. all the polls are moving in brown's direction and seems to be a consensus of four or five or six points but that is going to close up tomorrow. you touched son omaha ban on se reasons earlier. he is mingling with the people. she is an elitist. the last minute special interest deals have been stuffed in the held pill. is a bigger and broader narrative which is the people of massachusetts have seen all of the spending and deficit and all of the talk coming out of washington and are reacting in a highly negative fashion. not just one issue. it is a multiplicity of issues and the manner in which the administration and the congress have dealt wit
-terror strategy. am i wrong? >> i think it's deeper than that. the united states has a problem. if this was a political matter, then you could have one level of concern. but the fact is that we are in a war, our enemies are clever enough to take haggai nearian, train him in yemen, ship him through amsterdam. our bureaucracy is so lacking in focus that even when this guy's father called the american embassy and warned us specifically about his son, we couldn't find a way to stop him and frankly issue the white house advisor yesterday made no sense when he said there was no smoking gun. we don't have to approve the visa or the flight of every foreigner who wants to come here. the burden of proof ought to be on that person. if somebody's father calls and says, my son has gone radical. i think he may be in a training camp. i think that ought to be a high hurdle for that person to get a visa to the united states or be allowed to fly into this country. >> you know the bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's just never going to be entirely perfect. and this flight emanating in t
: many nations led by the united states are heeding the call. >> we learn about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe, destruction and suffering that defies comprehension. that is why thousands of american personnel, civilian and military are on the scene working to distribute clean drinking water and food and medicine and thousands of tons of emergency food supplies are arriving every day. >> geraldo: and two former occupants of the white house lend their voices to what is fast becoming one of the largest relief efforts ever. >> a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i doll is to make sure that your money is spent wisely. as president obama said, you can look us up on >> we want to do what i did with the president's father in the tsunami area. we want to be a place where people know their money will be well spent and we will ensure the ongoing integrity of the process. >> geraldo: as fox news correspondents criss-cross the fields of the dead and broken hearted the secretary of state t
a visa to the united states. >> okay. >> or be allowed to fly into the country. >> you know bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's never going to be person. this flight in the negligenter lands and the way they do things is different than the way we do things. now, this overreaction. they're padding down everybody chbl the question is in your opinion, are we safe? i mean, are these people going to be able to get through the shield and has the obama administration weakened our defenses against al qaeda? >> we're not safe. we're in much greater danger than a year ago. it's not just bush versus obama. north koreans had an additional year to build nuclear weapons and missles. iranians had a year to develop nuclear weapons and to keep paying for terrorists. al qaeda had an additional year and two of the top four people in al qaeda in yemen were released from guantanamo bay. obama administration continues to release terrorists back into the world. >> bush did that. bush released those two guys. >> then, he was wrong and the state department was wrong and initial releases. we now have p
was thinking the republicans might have a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. pe
in criminal court inside the united states. we're going to have a huge expense no matter whether it's in lower manhattan or some place else. >> bill: enormous state expense because the supreme court has ruled. >> unnecessary. the military tribunals. >> bill: says the military can handle. this right. >> bill: here is my question. is this going to damage president obama further or is it enough to say, wow, we'll find another place? >> bill, look, the longer this goes on, the more the american people say why are we doing this? unnecessary, expensive. gives the terrorist what is they want which is big gigantic public platform to attack the united states of america. the longer it goes on, the worse it is for the country and the worse it is for the administration. >> bill: i do think that the media is consciously underreporting this story tonight. i don't think you will see it on many other broadcasts. president obama out today trying to convince republicans to cooperate with him. that was one of his themes in the state of the union address that the republicans are the party of no. here is what mr.
on the united states government and military right now? >> i think al-qaeda has an advantage because this stupid thing where this guy couldn't ignite the little bomb in his underpants has caused a massive disruption of commerce all over the world. that's a victory for al-qaeda. >> they have a victory. they have momentum, but they do not have an advantage on the united states. >> they have an advantage that our massive bureaucracy has not caught every -- is not capable of catching every guy with a bomb in his underwear. >> even with the underwear guy, it wasn't -- >> the point is, these guys are sitting in pakistan and yemen saying, we got to do this again and do it fast. you agree with that? >> absolutely. >> so say they do do it again and are successful, obama is done. >> but he has a -- if we learn anything in politics, is people have nine lives. but it will be a major hit if he does not respond appropriately. >> what is he going to do? >> he has to be more hawkish than george bush was on 9-12. >> if we get hit again, he will not get lengthed again -- elected. bush was elected again because of
united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots of ( inspiring music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. >> it was the most votes ever against a president's pick for federal reserve chairman, but ben bernanke was confirmed on thursday for a second term at the central bank amid a political revolt some republicans and some democrats. the vote was in question. when harry reid finally declared support not before extracting what he said were concessions about future fed policy. reid said in a statement last friday, quote, i made it clear to merit confirmation chairman bernanke must redouble his efforts to make sure that families can access the credit they need to buy or keep their homes. he assured me he will outline plans for making that happen and i eagerly await them. now, i called the fed, mary, and asked what's the quid pro quo, is there one? they said no, no plan forth coming, not going
. republican scott brown is now the united states senator elect from the state of massachusetts. susan, this is your home -- where you lived many years, what do you think? >> it's where i was born and worked for ed brook. you know? maybe i started this. that was my first campaign when he ran for senate. i think there is trouble in river city, you know? i don't think it's good for democrats. and i think in particular what molly is just saying about the trashing of martha coakley. she did a lot of things wrong. curt schilling was wrong. there are terrorists in afghanistan. she should have won. and i think the critical question is what is everybody going to do for tomorrow morning. i know people aren't going to wake up and put more pressure on to get health care passed and this will be interesting to see. >> what is certain she was up 20, more than 20 points in december 19th then, all of a sudden, kaboom you have a deal where ben nelson cuts a deal behind closed doors then a deal where unions cut behind closed doors and get something. suddenly she loses to the republican and so if as any
the president of the united states to stop the nonsense. it is nonsense if we are in a war that you hall a guy off or blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what they have to do, find out how he got there and where they live. you know and i know it. everybody watching it knows it colonel. when is president obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look what brennan and napolitano had to say of the three-page memorandum oh they signed, the concrete recommendations are basic. buy more stuff, upgrade i.t. systems and again, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, the determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. >> bill: no. >> but a leader is responsible for everything his or her.... >> bill: you know how it works. you were in the military your whole life, obama's people in the counter intelligence agencies are taking their cues from him. so it's not fair to fire the
a relationship of dominance between the united states and haiti. i guess we should be equals and we are not going to extract anything from the haitian people. we have given heypy $3 billion since 1992. i'm not sure what we have extracted from them. do you know what we extracted from them? >> that is where danny glover makes the most sense. there has been a set of arrangements and circumstances have that driven the haitian people further in poverty. there is internal corruption. much of the money they got from the imf and world bank went to the pockets of pappa doc and baby doc. there was an embargo in the '90s that drove more people into poverty. they they opened up haiti to a gull culture, many hey tan farmers were drive noon po it serrity. poverty. >> bill: if he doesn't want the united states to dominate the nation we can't then tell them whether they can have sweat shops and grow there or that because he doesn't want dominance. look, the bottom line on haiti is this. we have tried. bill clinton, you know, america's first black president, as opposed to the second one. >> but he wasn't
the united states and embassy workers from the dominican republic to move along this process. it will be some time. the question about the aivd whether it's getting to the people. if you were to take an object yon and slice it in half and it has a hundred different rings on it. we are still based on the outer ring of that onion of penetration. you see a little bit of help here. once you get in the city and the neighborhoods and you drive up and down street after street, it takes your breath away. the amount of devastation and destruction that you come across. i'm afraid to say we're at the beginning of the process. ultimately you have to find a way to house the people, out in the countryside, where there is a lot of people take them to the country to give them shelter there. these are big questions people are trying to figure out, yet again on sunday afternoon. >>> it's heartbreaking. u.n. says they are feeding 60,000 people a day with biscuits but president clinton will be arriving in haiti tomorrow. what can you tell bus that trip, what he hopes to achieve and what he may do? >> i just lear
this group of progressives plans on doing. bill: but, isn't itbi true that the united states of america is a compassionate nation that provides safety nets for people so i'm not opposed to poor people having access to health care if they can't afford it. what are you going to do? let them die on the streets. >> of course not. bill: some little kid gets sick and parents don't have any money. what are you going to do. >> tell me all the street corners and towns where people are dying on the streets because they don't have health care. bill: they go to the emergency room. >> that's exactly right. listen, whatly obama is doing, this is just the first step to getting rid of the private sector health care. if you look at the c.b.o. numbers, this is going to cost us an extra trillion dollars in debt in the next nine years. and it's only going to leave 39 million people without health care. we need to be responsible for -- we need to be in the system. right now the doctor will say i'm going to run all these tests. really care because you are not paying for it. bill: lead me ask you this questio
of that, okay, and. >> you are exactly right. >> bill: $13 trillion debt that the united states of america holds is truly insane, dangerous, and will lead to massive pain for every citizen of this country. that's what i believe. so, if i have a liberal guy sitting there, in the white house, okay? who up to this point thought that he could do whatever he wants to do, okay, with no downside, if i had this man sitting there, and then he says one day, you know what? i got to stop. even though you are right, it isn't a humongous thing, i think just the fact that he stops and that he says -- because i would have debated this, i don't know whether you saw the factor i debated with morris, he is not going to stop. he is an idealogue, i see this as a good beginning, mr. speaker. >> i think this promise has about as much validity as the eight times he promised to have c-span cover the negotiation, as the time he promised that there wouldn't be any earmarks on bills he signed. i think this is a pr stunt. i think it's a test of our ability to be suckered once again, frankly. this is a sad administrati
woman that just derailed everything. >> in the united states. there is a total double standard with respect to sexuality and women in politics. >> bill: do you agree that there is a double standard in politics? >> i do. however, i don't think that this necessarily helped or hurt scott brown. is he a good looking guy. >> bill: you don't think it helped him? >> trust me. >> bill: here is how it helped him. >> it got him more famous quicker. people locked in on him physically and then they remembered his name. you know? that's how it helped him bill. >> gretchen: they remembered him because of health care and terrorism. >> had it been a woman, it would have depopularized her factor. >> bill: there is a study out and this is from the university of california that studied 150 female students about their looks. and i'm going to quote here and then i want you to address it carlson, if you would. quote: women with blonde hair have the competitive edge to be more aggressive and determined than redheads and brunets say the scientists at the university of california. is that true? is tha
? >> that was coming into the united states. it was not a domestic terror attack. it was meant to but but stopped by the folks on the plane. so far this year we had the dramatic uptick in the numbers attacks successful in being carried out. the shooting deaths of the u.s. military in little rock left one dead. the fort hood shootings. we have the arrest of five muslim americans coming out of washington, d.c. in pakistan on terrorism charges and the list goes on and now of course we have the detroit bombing. i disagree with alan completely. it knock three days to respond and another day to beef up the statement while on vacation in hawaii and then took him another 96 hours to say it could have been al-qaeda and back tracked from the isolate the extremist comments. he is talking with euphemisms. >> bill: why do you think he is doing that? >> i think president obama is a true believer and what i mean by that is he is a disciple of sal olinski who believed in the radical remaking of america by shattering its very foundation. i believe that president obama has take than to heart to the extent where ov
to recruit, train, proselytize and send out to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a
against the united states. totally different set of rules. >> sean: i was asking in the last couple of times you have been on the program, very specifically, if you thought that barack obama had the ability -- you witnessed this up close and personal, maybe the tendencies or -- for self preservation, the ability to move to the center, to the right, as bill clinton did on endingóiÑ welfare as we know i. the era of big government is over. was that question answered for nut president's state of the union wednesday night? >> i thought it was a very weak state of the union. i thought he was all over the place. he was pandering to every group, a little here, a little there. it was very disorganized. i thought hisl' style was weak. peter roth in u.s. news had the right analysis, he say he looked so small compared to a previous great speaker. he said no, i'm not referring torc(ñ george w. bush or ronald reagan, i'm talking about obama the candidate. if you look at how relatively lacking in authority he was last night, and compare it to what was like as a candidate this is sort of an am
people. i don't like that. but i want the president of the united states to stop the nonsense and it is nonsense if indeed we are in a war, as he just said, that you haul a guy off who just tried to blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what it has to do to find out who the hell he is, how he got there, who helped him out and where they live. you know it and i know it and everybody watching this knows it, determine. but when is barak obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look at what brennan and napolitano had to say at the three-page memo the president signed, the concrete recommendations are pretty basic. they're to buy more stuff. upgrade i.t. systems, buy more scanners. again, i go back to the fact, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. but not some poor guy from the state department. but a l
'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> do you believe the president of the united states made americans less safe? >> i do. >> dick cheney and others, including sarah palin, continue to pound president obama on the terror issue. even as the president has asked them to stop. >> now is not a time for partisanship. it's a time for citizenship. a time to come together and work together. >> we'll address this explosive issue. exactly how are liberals defending the secret health care proceedings? we'll find out. >> i'm a little sick of the smears. >> it's time to put up some facts or shut up. >> glenn beck on why he is responding to his critics. also a big announcement about the bold fresh tour. >> i guess i'm suffering from some sort of overwhelming paranoia. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. our conservatives undermining president obama's war on terror? that is the subject of tonight's memo. the president continues to tell americans he'll fix the intelligence failures that allowed the unde
of the united states from 2007 to 2009. he joins me now. judge mukasey, welcome. >> good to be here, paul. >> you wrote this week that you don't think that abuell umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been charged in criminal court. >> the principal question is timing not where he ultimately wound up, it's secondary, but he should have been taken designated an unlawful enemy cot b bah-- combatant. or a belligerent-- >> sounds like a new yorker. >> and intent on intelligence gathering, he knew who put him on the plane and mixed up the stuff that he had in his underpants and he knew who had trained, radicalized him and so forth. he had a wealth of information weeks' never going toware about that and we're certainly not going to hair about it in a timely way and the failure to do that i think was major, major gaffe. >> paul: the argument from the administration, if he was named an enemy combatant he would have the right under a supreme court hearing to have an habesa hearing and could he be released. >> an habeas could only challenge the confinement. given the fact he was apprehended with a
care discussion in the united states of america. so, to the extent that they can try to use her to try to prop up unpopular policies, i guess it's worth a shot. i'm not sure it's going to ultimately be successful. >> bill: laura ingraham, thank you very much. up next, oprah. oprah seems to love denmark and the culture warriors will tell us why. also, is the obama justice department covering up for the black panther party in a very nasty election situation? we'll investigate coming up. dd >> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. the happiest people in the world. some researchers believe they are the danes. denmark has been in the news recently. oprah visited trying to get the olympics to come to chicago. during ms. winfrey's stay in denmark she recorded this. >> copenhagen is one of the world's environmentally friendly city. a third of the population rides bikes, many are groceries and kids in tow. homelessness and poverty are low here. if you lose the job, the government continues to pay up to 90% of your salary for four years. >> you are never going to be homeless on the street. >>
's appropriate for him to address haiti quickly. the united states is a noble nation and a the world needs to hear that over and over and over. already the u.s. coast guard is saving lives in haiti and america will respond generously to this devastation. we always do. always. as far as haiti is concerned, the usa has given that country more than $1 billion over the past five years. the world bank donated 300 million over the same time. it is clear america is very concerned about the world's poor. talking points would like to know how much money russia and china have donated. i myself donate money to the haitian health foundation run by a connecticut patriot, dr. jerry lonnie. i give the money directly to the doctor because i know if i send it to the island, haitian authorities will most likely steal it. and therein lies the problem with haiti, massive corruption. there are 9 million haitians on the island, so enough aid to provide for all of them. it could be a tourist mecca. it's rich in culture, has the caribbean sea and very nice people. but there is little -- my travels have been illum
, look, childhood obesity does have a connection to the health care discussion in the united states of america. so, to the extent that they can try to use her to try to prop up unpopular policies, i guess it's worth a shot. i'm not sure it's going to ultimately be successful. >> bill: laura ingraham, thank you very much. up next, oprah. oprah seems to love denmark and the culture warriors will tell us why. also, is the obama justice department covering up for the black panther party in a very nasty election situation? we'll investigate coming up. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds [ male announcer ] before you ever love it, the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder it's ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power and associates. it's quality you can love. lease an altima for $189 a month or get $1,500 cash back. offers end february 1st. ♪ offers end february 1st. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could sav
of the united states. barack obama is. he put his credibility on the line. >> bill: what about is salinda lake going on the net before the polls even closed and blaming the white house if we lose. >> saying it is the white house's fault if we don't lose. what happened last year in new jersey and virginia and pennsylvania where republicans swept across the board was not an abration, bill. and even if scott brown loses by a razor thin margin, it will show that the american people are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. >> they have to pay attention to the anger in america. >> why do you think they are angry, colmes? >> because they don't like incumbency. whoever is in office they will be angry at. the flipside, let me finish this is that republicans can't two so crazy and take this for granted and get arrogant and decide 2010 mid-term elections we are going to win now. you risk going overboard. >> oh, like you guys did. what we are looking at is going from one change election to another, bill. >> bill: and very quick cycle. >> and a quick turn around and that is because 2008 wa
to say that to the president of the united states? >> he's very self-assured very comfortable in his own skin but he's also very real. i think the president from the side of the conversation that i could hear appreciated that they had some laughs. scott told the president about >> >> greta: how meet him in college? >> scott was a year behind me in college and again in law school. we ofed together as senators. >> greta: when is he going to get sworn in? >> still waiting to see. is certification of the results of the state level followed by a swearing in ceremony. there's an informal process where the senate could by consent swear him in by waiving their internal rules and customs. for the time being we believe the formal process is going to apply the earliest time that could be would likely be february 10th, for the certification and after for swearing in. we are aiming for february 11th. >> greta: why is that secretary state sent a letter on behalf of congresswoman tsongas before she was certified to the house this is the did the secretary of state from massachusetts send a similar lette
the government pay for poor people's healthcare? healthcare? >>.bill: isn't it true that the united states of america is a compassionate nation which providesat safety nets for peop. i'm not opposed to poor people having access to healthcare if they can't afford it. what are you going to do, let them die in the street? >> of course, not. tell me all g the street corners in all the towns where people are dieing in the streets because they don't have healthcare. bill: theyte go to the emergency rooms. >> exactly. what obama is doing -- this is the first step getting rid of the private sector healthcare. thisca is going to cost us an extrnoa trillion dollars in debt an.we need to be in the system. right now the doctor will stay i'm going to run all these tests. you don't care because you are not paying for it. >> name a couple republicans you backed. >> a couplego republicans? i can't off the top of my head. >>er i get nervous when you put the glasses on. when you put they on i get nervous. youal are reading a little thin. >> what are you insinuating here. bill: you beat that guy up. obviousl
's auto body shop in akron, which is owned by some polish barron. monty lives in the united states. >> he said the supreme court opened the flood gates to special interest, including foreign companies to spend without limits. >> bill: that's not true. >> that's not true. >> bill: they made a mistake, the white house? >> i think at the did. >> bill: you think or you know. >> they did. as spoken by president obama is not accurate. you know, in your promos you are saying how angry i was. what i'm angry about people called sam alito's joe wilson moment. it was not. the thing that bothered me as a former supreme court correspondent this sun precedented yes, of course president obama has a right to say what he wants. of course he has a first amendment right to espouse his opinion even if it's in front of the justices, but this is unprecedented. in fact, according to the reports that i have looked at, a president has only even called out the supreme court on a decision nine times in u.s. history in the state of the union. every time i saw that we could pull up to the green room, very gingered, g
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